About us

We met for the first time at a hip restaurant on the East side of Milwaukee. You could say that we knew something was different (in a good way) about the other from the minute we saw each other. Alex did a little strut into the restaurant and Sarah knew at once that she was going to fall in love fast. We took things as slow as possible due to wanting to make it work out as well as Sarah’s work sending her away for a week to two weeks at a time each month for the first year and a half of their relationship!

Kids were a topic of conversation early on in the relationship. Sarah knew that she isn’t able to physically have children but wanted to grow her family through foster and adoption and Alex knew she wanted to physically have kids. They casually talked about their future family from time to time, but always said that they would wait until they were married to do anything about it.

Well, fast forward to Christmas of 2015 and on the drive home Sarah brough up fostering to adopt wanting to know why they didn’t start sooner rather than later. This sparked our journey into motherhood!

Not only are we working on being foster to adopt parents, but we are also actively planning our wedding, Sarah is going to school at UWMilwaukee, Alex plays soccer on the weekends, and we both are very active in community volunteering. We are looking forward to adding a child into the mix and seeing how drastically that shifts our world!

If you have any questions that we have not answered in our posts, please do not hesitate to ask. We love talking about our journey and would love to answer any questions you may have!

Thank you,

Sarah and Alex