33. Why we are with our current agency

Mama S here. Hey everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of chatting with people about our agency and the reason we decided to switch. For the purpose of this blog, I won’t name what agency we are with and what agency we left. Feel free to message me and I’d be more than happy to chat in greater details. The purpose of this message is to talk about finding the right fit for YOU.Read More »


32. Blessed Holidays

Happy Holidays! Mama S here. Between you and I, I’m thrilled that we made it though the holidays. As I previously said, I struggle with the holidays and this year was no different. What I must call out is that we are blessed to have the most wonderful families and they made the holiday weekend a delight. It ended up being great weekend and no one was more delighted than P.Read More »

31. Holiday Stress and a New Diagnosis

Hello everyone! Mama S here. Where to start? Well… Man… the holidays are rough! When you are getting licensed people talk about how much being a foster family can pull out the stress you have in your lives. Were they ever right! I have always struggled with the holidays. As a child of divorce, the holidays were always spent shuffling from family to family and it was always so stressful. I would pray and pray that there would be a year that I didn’t cry leading up to the holidays. As an adult, that didn’t go away. I just found ways to cope with the stress and “survive the holidays”. Cue being a foster parent at the holidays…Read More »

29. Constantly Learning

Hello! Mama S here. Today I wanted to talk about something that most people forget when they think of the kiddos in our home. We haven’t had them for any of the years leading up to them joining our home. That seems so obvious, but that simple statement leads to a deep discussion. One that Mama A and I have at least once a week. Read More »

28. Our Honeymoon!- The Happy and the Sad

Mama S here- Hey everyone! Mama A and I just got back from our honeymoon! Yeah!! We went to Ireland and Scotland for 2.5 weeks and it was stunning. The weather was fantastic – barely any rain at all , the food was good, and the sights were stunning. I did lose my phone on our first tour day which was crummy, but I was happy it happened on the first day so I only lost 1 day of pictures, but our trip overall was what dreams are made of.

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27. Natural Consequences and Hearing “Mom” for the First Time


Mama S here. Our last post talked quite a bit about how strict we are, we hear it all the time, I just heard a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) say that when Little Lady was with us she told them that we are strict (heaven forbid we have a rule about cell phones being out of the bedroom when you sleep!), and we discuss it ourselves. I figured we should share what our strict looks like and the positive impact it has had in the past month.Read More »