26. When the Honeymoon is Over

Mama S here. It has been over a month since P moved in with us and it is clear… the honeymoon is over.Read More »


25. Working with the Bios

Mama S here. There has been a lot of discussion about the bio parents of our newest family member and I thought we could take a moment to share what we can, explain why we can’t share more than that, and let you know how we plan on going forward.Read More »

22. Finding the Right Fit

Mama S here. Mama A recently decided to open our home to teenagers and within a few days we got a call! There was a little girl that lives a ways away from where we do that is being moved from her home. Our worker was out of the office on vacation so another person called us with the referral. We asked a series of questions and determined that we would like to meet her. We were put in touch with the current foster mom and were immediately blown away by her kindness, her caring for this little lady, and her willingness to share stories and information in an attempt to help us make the best decision and to make the pre-placement visit go as smoothly as possible. Read More »

21. Respite

Mama S here. I’m sitting in my office, across the desk is a lovely 14-year-old young lady that has come to stay with Mama A and me for the next week. How did we get here? Well, we were licensed shortly before our wedding (Yeah!! We got married!) and have received two calls for medically fragile infants. One call was just days before the wedding, we couldn’t make that work. The other was 2 days before my trip out of the country. We couldn’t  make that work either. As we wait for the right call, we decided to open our home for respite.

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20. Here we are again. Ready to begin

Mama S here. It has been 3 months since we decided to go with the new agency. We are very close to being licensed and taking an infant into our home. It has been a long journey. First, we had to work with the new agency and getting almost ALL the paperwork again. Our previous agency was not gracious in letting us go and refused to hand over our packet. What they did hand over was redacted and was missing key pieces. That lack of co-operation solidified our decision. That was not the agency for us. Secondly, we had to work with Patrick. He met with the shy dog specialist and a few times and it was determined that it would be safe to bring an infant into our home and continue to work with him on training. He loves being a working dog and is thriving with the tips/techniques that we were given. Thirdly, we moved our wedding up 9 months. We did this out of fear that if we waited that we would not be able to legally get married. It was less stressful to move our wedding up 9 months than to wait a year in a state of constant fear and panic.

Where does that leave us? Less than 60 days from our wedding with an agency that has been supportive of our wants and needs the whole way. There has been no pressure to expand our age range and in fact, the only encouragement was to take in older children for respite as we are able. That is something we are more than comfortable with.

We are assuming that we will be licensed within the next month (we have been putting off meetings due to wedding things and waiting for silly Iowa to send back my background check!) with the hope that we have a child in our home within the next 6. We recognize that we are looking for a specific child and that we will more than likely have to wait for that child to come along.

The room is ready and our hearts are open. We will keep you posted when our home grows from two to three, for however long we are privileged to call that child ours.

With love,

Mama S